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Some of you may be wondering what N.t.w means, well, not that we or i certainly presently are/are at a nuturist reserve, not that i have anything against fact a few of those i know of i could well imagine would be very happy to be involved in. I actually had visions of being on The Orient Express which i have never been on but i heard that it is a terrific experience, but all shall be revealed. This, the first part hardly a recipe but it had an interesting turn a day or so later which made certain for sure that it could be added to our recipes and suggestions for you.

I had a 1kg bag of carrots in the bottom of my fridge which had to be used or they would have gone off so i cleaned them up and chopped them (the whole 1kg/they were that close to going off). I then added two potatoes medium/large sized but cut as per photo. I added then some ground black pepper and brought them to the boil and simmer until cooked through. Add the ground black pepper, mixed herbs and oregano but no salt, i did not add salt because i knew what i was going to add after.

Some of you may recognise parts of what i did next from a recipe from more than a year ago and this is the first time i ever went back to make a recipe again and i only decided to incorporate it because it was so very very nice.

Ingredients therefore are:

1 kg of carrots

2 med/lge potatoes

some mixed herbs (quarter level tsp), half level of dried oregano to taste and some ground black pepper

30g anchovies in oil

Jar of black pitted black olives (i used maybe 20 olives)

a small jar of capers (i used maybe 2-3 tablespoonfuls)

Put the olives and capers into a blender, remove the anchovies carefully from the oil and add them and blend the mix as finely as you can.

Do a taste-test on it until you get the taste exactly right to suit your palette, you may need to add more olives or more capers for example.

When the carrots and potato have cooked to very almost cooked, mash them.

Put the mixture into a 1 pint loaf tin as per the photo. Or i noticed some supermarkets do small roast chicken things in similar sized foil containers which could be washed and re-used. And what is that in there?

Click on smaller photos to enlarge them.

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