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This recipe proved to be a real and natural diuretic

Having wodered about this recipe and deciding to try something out but i was a while in puttting it together but the results and more importantly the not anticipated results which could in the long term have far greater implications actually surprised me a lot. No doubt some of you may have heard the phrase " An apple a day keeps the doctor away", please i apologise that i have not sourced the actual meaning of this phrase or from where it originated or from whom or how but maybe evidence to back it up may be closer to all of us than many of us could possibly realise. Many do and have recommended a balanced diet, this includes fruit. Even if you don't like fruit or cannot eat apples for example, there are such delicious ways to incorporate them. I wanted to 'inner cleanse' but more intensively than any of the former recipes hence the very reason i had some oil in a bottle to create the last recipe. I attempted a gall bladder flush. Not something recommended and having spoken to a lovely nurse a week after coincidentally, she said that had there been a large gallstone they would be less concerned about patients than if there were lots of smaller ones because the smaller ones can cause harm if they move to places that they should not get to. I explained about the acid in green apples and the claim that the particular acid softens gallstones and enables them to pass. There are various schools of thought on the matter so it is worth chatting to your GP about further 'prior' to attempting a gall bladder flush and particularly as whilst there may be some who have tried it successfully, there are also sometimes risks involved. My thought then was that if the acid in green apples helps soften the gallstones then why not incorporate a few apple inspired recipes and make much more of an effort to encourage eating of apples etc than just the odd photo and mention even though incorporated in a balanced diet. This recipe therefore has apples in it and amidst other items, a couple of other ingredients as a combination that you might like to try and more-so if you haven't tried them like this. I hope this recipe is nurturing to you kindly in the same way that i found that it did for me.

Ingredients list: Back a page. Thank you.

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