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C.C.M.C.352 (Chechemanche)

When the cabbage has really softened, get your mushrooms prepared and a roasting tin.

Pre heat oven to 180 degrees.

Get a mixing bowl and spoon one or two ladlefuls of the cabbage mixture into it. Then another bowl if you have and do the same.

Mix into one of them a geerous tablespoonful of tahini and the lemon zest and the yellow capsicum (Photo 5). Then stir it and top two of the mushrooms with it.

Put the sliced garlic on top.

Then to the second bowl add tomato puree up to two level tablespoonfuls. Then add to the other two mushrooms and cook all in oven until cooked (possibly 20/30 minutes). Photo 7

Serve when complete (Photo 8).

I ate some of the one with lemon in and i ate one of the ones with tomto puree in but i was not happy. The reason i have still decided to write this up in spite of the surprises in the 2nd part of this recipe is that you may not think it tastes bad. As i have said, the food i cook i have to eat and yes even for financial reasons so i try to be as accurate as i possibly can. The thing about this, the part one of this recipe was that wih all of my thinking things through and that the other recipes on this site have all worked so well is that i wanted you to see that it isn't always nice. Trying to turn it around even if after a night out can usually be achieved after the fourth day of abstainance. It is not easy. I thought when i tasted this, how could so many great ingredients turn out to be something i personally cannot enjoy? I tried on this. Then, i started to think about 'some' people. Fortunately, the 2nd part of the recipe was waiting to be created.

There will still be so much of the cabbage mixture remaining but it is ok, you will need this for part two of this recipe.

I was not hungry but felt inspired to cook. Possibly because of Regenprotec? So i wrapped the food carefully and placed it in the refridgerator for a few hours. Photo on right.

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