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'lentil-dipity yum yum mmm'

I have been toying with a few recipes for a number of weeks now. I have thought of a few but i hope that you may understand that if i cannot get them 'just so' or...if the mood is not right i find it difficult to do them, I have a few on the way but it may be a little while but not too long i hope.

I cannot think of a name to give this recipe which is quite delicious but i once had a chocolate brown siamese cat whose name was Serendipity Gremlina Lucretia. They said she was the runt of the litter when i got her but i didn't know what runt meant......i later discovered that it was the kitten of a litter by way of size etc least likely to survive. She lived for 17 years. A great cat indeed!

You will need: Some brown lentils (5 goodsized cupfuls or 3 mugfuls) 2 vegetable stock cubes 2 heap tsp spoonfuls of garlic puree 3 red capsicum peppers 2 green peppers 1 tsp ground thyme A lemon and the rind of A 2" piece of ginger A bayleaf Some salt and pepper to your own taste but not too much salt please Some carrots (and 2 optional chicken legs if you eat such). Celery (4/5 stalks of)

It would be easy to assume that this recipe is the same as the last but it is not. As you shall discover. Wash the lentils and put into saucepan on stove. If you do not have a sieve or colander you can put the lentils in a clean saucepan, half fill with cold water and swish it around with a spoon and tip away the main excess of water then refill. Bring to boil and simmer. In the meantime, crumble your vegetable stock cubes into a cup (if unstable) and add to saucepan. On a chopping board chop your red peppers and add, then add the garlic puree. I often use a garlic puree these days. It comes in a jar from a local shop, it is very good and i sometimes have garlic puree on a toasted pitta bread. Equally i have found to be good is the jars of yeast extract, the yeast extract excellent on toast or in a sandwich of thin bread or on a pitta bread (wholemeal). Remove the skin from the ginger and grate the ginger onto a plate and add. At this point and 'if' you are not so keen on carrots but are on chicken, you could add one or maybe two skinned chicken legs but one should do it. Photo 1 shows a rinder for removing the rind from citrus and other friuts and the size of the spoon i have been using today. It also demonstrates if you look at the edge of the chopping board why you should ALWAYS BE VERY CAREFUL if using wooden chopping boards on a cooker. So PLEASE be careful! We can accept no responsibility or liability for accidents in the kitchen from following these recipes.

Always exersize caution in the kitchen especially if near naked flames!

Photo 2 shows the green peppers (not capsicum) and the disgarded ginger skin.

You will see that i have used fairly all of the green peppers (above) but i removed the ends and maybe a half of the seeds which were inside.

Always ensure that your chopping board and teatowels are 100% clean.

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