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'Lentil-dipity yum yum mmm'

Remove the rind of the lemon and add to the saucepan along with carefully the juice of half of the lemon and the chopped celery and add the bayleaf if you haven't already. Leave the whole mixture on a simmering heat until the lentils expand but keep your eye on it because you may need to top it up with more cold water. After 40 minutes your delicious meal should be ready. There is enough for more than one bowl certainly. But if you have your bowlful at a decent time and savour the tastes, you should be able to cover the saucepan and save the remainder until the folloing day. Then..... try it with some finely chopped carrots. Yum yum yum! (I would 'not' add the green peppers if adding chicken but you could try adding a cupful of frozen sweetcorn with it). Add black pepper to garnish. Don't eat the bayleaf.

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