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'The Wellok'

I know there are some great pastes available and i realise how lucky i am to have much of these ingredients and odd bits left over in my fridge. If you have been using this site, i would hope that you do too. I don't cook often and i check the food regularly. Though some of the ingredients were a bit soft or harder than usual, always try to eat fresh if you can please. I also added to the ingredients on the right a stick of lemongrass and a large cupful of brown rice. This meal would serve maybe 5 or 7 servings. I gave some to a neighbour and was still testing the recipe further the next day too. The ingredients are: (As per photo, excluding the lemongrass and anchovies). 5 potatoes some odd parsnips 5 small cooking onions a swede some ginger (up to 2") some celery 2 cooking apples 2 green capsicums one red capsicum Garlic Lemon 3 stock cubes (veg) A large bayleaf Dry curry leaves 5 dried anchiovies A large cupful of brown rice 1 lemongrass stick Generous tablespoonful of Hot pepper whole (Dried) Salt and pepper Optional: Some greek cheese.

One of the things about this recipe too, for those who are not keen on anchovies, if i hadn't told you there were anchovies in it as an ingredient, you would not realise it if you tasted the recipe. You would just think what a great taste i am certain.

Possibly a great way also of actually introducing someone to anchovies?

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