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Peppered pulses

So, to add the cinnamon and make it tasty but then once you enjoyed that combination, to transform it totally and retain goodness into another next meal with a totally 100% different taste.

I still had some of the unblended recipe in the freezer so i used that. Top up the saucepan a little with cold water and put onto heat. Add 5 or 6 chopped celery stems. Add a further half 'teaspoonful' (not tablespoon) of ground white pepper, then add the same amount of ground cinnamon and float a red berry teabag for 10 or so minutes (submerge it but please don't break it). Then the similar amount of dried cumin seeds or crushed cumin seeds as seen on teaspoon in photo, however you prefer, i was not able to do this presently (to crush the seeds). Bring to boil and immediately simmer for a few minutes. If you like dried lime, you might like to add half of a slice of dried lime or a quarter of a slice (optional ingredient). And also before boiling, you can add some more kidney beans if you like. Then transfer it to a loaf tin, you might like to wait for it to cool before doing this. Top with mozzarella cheese and place in oven until cheese melts. Serve and enjoy. (4/5 servings).

Bon apetit!

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