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Buillies a L'eau/ Patatas troi?

Yes, you should know by now how i cannot throw things out easily, not that it is bad but i think to be wasteful where food is concerns is in someway disrespectful of the food itself and in a way even unkind to the bees who help so amazingly with such that could be the sheer humbleness of food creation.

In some past recipes i have used anchovies. Some of you may not

particularly enjoy anchovies but though i like them anyway, their

salty and quite indistiguishable taste can also enhance other flavours

i have found.

When using anchovies during the past three months i had been been

reluctant to disgard the tin which they cam in because of the oil in it.

I decided to put the oil into a fridge to see what would happen to it.

Surprisingly, i noticed that it crystalised, i would imagine because

of the salt content. I had thought of amazing recipes with crystalized

anchovy oil but when i took the oil from the fridge to use it , after

a few minuted it reverted back to it's original form.

I had some bacon pieces which were actually past their use by

date by a few days but they were not smelly. Please do not refreeze pork or reheat once cooked.

Also i absolutely do not recommend at all that you use any pork or meat product which is past it's marked up use by dates.

I wanted the flavour of bacon but not the bacon itself in this recipe so i actually took a chance on it. Not something i would advocate at all. So use fresh please if you use bacon.

Also, if you drop spices or herbs on your kitchen floor and have young children or pets, please clean up immediately or make certain that the spilled spices are out of reach be that by way of a childs hands or feet or a pets paws or feet.

It is possible that somewhere some do cook pork irrespective of how old it may be, but i haven't heard of it. Neither am i attemting to make an example. I do think that somewhere along the line we do have to listen to what the experts say and the dates are on food for a reason. I do think that by not actually eating the pork meat because it was over the sell by date of a few days and it had been kept in a fridge and i only used the juices and they were cooked at a high temperature that somehow by not eating the actual meat a standard was maintained. I am not going to tell you if i tried some of the cooked meat or not or if it made my stomach churn. By default that reaction would have i am certain been felt anyway.

The finished actual recipe though (meat excluded) was incredibly delicious. And though with this recipe you dont need to use bacon anyway if you don't want to. If you do, i advise that you please check that it is. Next page: You will need/ Ingredients.

Stunningly tasty adaptable potatoes

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