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Left over greens with leeks and potato

I had some greens which were the remainder of a packet of greens and some leeks which were past their sell by date (Always use fresh when you can). I try not to waste food if i can help it but am mindful moreso now of the potential calorie content of the food being used.

It doesn't unfortunately mean that i don't ever have a binge, even yesterday i found a packet of potato fries stuck in my freezer and warmed them up. I didn't particularly enjoy them but in a funny way i sort of did too.

The can of fizzy drink which had been in my fridge i used to part clean a up saucepan.


3 potatoes (up to 500 grams)

2 leeks

left over greens

1/2 level tsp ground ginger

1 and 1/2 tablespoons of dried curry leaves

1/2 level tsp ground turmeric

half a level tsp of cumin seeds (use ground cumin if possible)

a stick of lemongrass ((remove outer skin)

3 medium / generous cloves of garlic

Slice or chop the potatoes (500grams)

Chop the leeks into 3/4 inch slices

Chop the greens into small peices

Add all of those ingredients to pot and top up with cold water and place on heat

I wasn't sure what to do with lemongrass and simply added it to the pot too, but since have learned that if you have a rolling pin give it a slight mashing before adding.

Add the curry leaves and the turmeric and lemongrass (mashed), and all the dry ingredients (chop the cumin seeds if unchopped) to the pot and crush and add the garlic also.

Bring to the boil on mark 4 then reduce and simmer on mark 2 until the potatoes are soft enough for your particular taste. Be careful removing hot potatoes from a saucepan. Try sticking a fork in to see if soft enough instead. Add minimal salt and pepper to your own taste.

Would also be great with water chestnuts.

Try to leave some of the sauce in saucepan or in a container for next day.

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