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A chance meet

This recipe came by chance and as you read on i hope that whoever you are that you can appreciate how relevant and even exciting this could be to some. Not that it should be construed in any way as a means or manner to diversify or distract or tease or tempt you from that which you probably would neither want nor choose to change. An option by chance potentially.

My freezer was full of ice and i thought "oh no, not trying to hack some of that ice out again just to see what there is or may be hiding in there", i decided to defrost my freezer which was scary because i'd had a flood the week before from under the kitchen sink....... I was worried that my downstairs neighbour would have water on his ceiling again from the defrosting the freezer but a couple of blankets absorbed much of it.

I thought at the time, whatever i find in the ice i will make something from. The first thing i found was a third to a half bag of frozen mixed vegetables (peas, sweetcorn, carrots, that type of thing) the second thing i found was a whole bag of frozen spinach. Apart from some stock cubes i made at christmas there was not much else anyway. As my fridge freezer is a combined fridgefreezer, i put things which i did not want to uncool from the fridge part into the melting ice of the freezer part.


A third to a half bag of frozen vegetables of your choice.

A whole bag of frozen spinach

1 medium sized lemon

1 tblsp dried oregano

1 tblsp dried thyme

1 medium sized washed (and trimmed if necessary) grated potato

1 vegetable stock cube

1.5-2 heap tblsp madras curry powder

4 largeish cloves of garlic

2 small onions

1 level tsp of ground ginger

Some whole pepper hot

1 level tsp ground black pepper

one piece of 'salted' fish (optional). I would recommend that you buy a fresh packet....the type usually seen in local shops and convenience stores on shelves and in supermarkets in plastic containers. Usually salted Alaska pollock or skinless and boneless bacalau.

Put the mixed veg and the spinach frozen into a largeish saucepan and cover with cold water. I would then try to empty the water or much of it and then top it up again. Put on cooker, add a crumbled in stock cube and bring to the boil. Add the oregano and the thyme and mince or finely chop the garlic and add that too, turn down the heat to add the garlic then put heat up again. Add the onions chopped.

Use a lemon/citrus fruit zester and put the zest of the lemon in. Then cut the lemon in half and remove the pips from one side and carefully squeeze the juice of half a lemon and add.

Add the level tsp of ground ginger and the ground black pepper.

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