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The Abs or ber Ceau

Also add a level teaspoonful of ground black pepper and a very minimal amount of salt. Also if you decide to add tabasco, do it now. If adding chicken, reduce heat and add the chicken at this point. Or a chicken stock cube if you want to. Then bring swiftly but gently to the boil. Simmer on a low-medium heat for maybe 25 minutes. Either 5 minutes before end of cooking or after add a heaped teaspoonful of mint sauce. I found this to be a very very enjoyable meal. The nuttiness of the brown lentils combined with the texture of the brown rice was a very interesting prospect. I did try the chicken and it tasted not so much dry as with a hot flavour almost and a dryness of taste having absorbed some of the flavor of the lentils. It was very nice. I also added some grated cheese to see how that would taste. Ok i know not much can replicate a true bolognese but if you are not a meat eater or have not been for a while or if you fancyt something a slight similar too but not necessarily anything like but it makes you think of,.... try this. I have in times past eaten cold burgers left in a fridge from the night before and tackled bolognese or mince recipes cold from the fridge for breakfast even with the film of fat which i used to have to scrape off first. Early, for breakfast...this was like a mince recipe but with abolutely none of the fat residue at all. The grated cheese on top of it in photos 3 and 4 did not do it any harm. Maybe try with some parmesan. Yum!

The name Abs or Ber Ceau was thought of for this recipe because of the somewhat almost absorbing affect of the recipe when eaten certainly the following day served cold as a breakfast. The recipe is quite different served hot and still exceptional either way. Abs=Abdominals, or Berceau =cradle, Ceau= Water.

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