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Recipe 24D

This recipe is not so much a complex recipe but is is a very tasty one (or certainly more), you've seen Regenprotec recipes before!!! This is why it can take me a while to get to grips with prepping them and posting them etc.

Some of my own ingredients used do even go way past their sell by date sometimes. This is not something Regenprotec advocates that you do too, but if the recipes created here taste excellent and with some of the ingredients being past their sell by date then yours will be totally amazing using totally fresh.

There are for that reason quite a few ingredients in this recipe because i wanted to use up some things from my refridgerator and to creat something with even more tasty options that might look like would be possible on face value. Why did i call the recipe Recipe 24D? I shall tell you a little bit later.

Ingredients: There may seem a few but the celery was a month old and the broccoli was half frozen and the garlic was growing shoots. Please note: Read above re using fresh ingredients.

A generous few garlic cloves (as per photo) trim them up and chop them.

One large onion. Put 2 inches of water into a very large saucepan and add the chopped onion. Simmer. If you have used the site before you will have some fenugreek and some karela in stock (mine is frozen) Mine was slightly discoloured but it was to do with how i packed it.

It is usually greener.

Two dried limes: These can be difficult to break but i use a hydrolic style nut cracker and store the broken dried limes in a plastic container. They smell totally wonderful. You could put them into two plastic bags and try hitting with a rolling pin or heavy saucepan to break them.

One vegetable stock cube, one vegetable oxo cube, 2 heaped tablespoonfuls of tomato puree, a half teaspoonful of mustard powder, a teaspoonful of cayenne pepper, some curry leaves, two small or a larger lime leaf, some cardonam pods (very carefully cut or break them and be careful of seeds which may fly out and if you have pets), some potatoes as per photo too, some dried getrocknet chillies (if they are very dry, rather than trying to cut then on a chopping board gently tear the ends off and break them carefully into the saucepan and one heaped teaspoonful of madras curry powder (as hot to suit taste)

Fresh celery and fresh broccoli.

3 cupfuls of dried brown lentils

A small piece of goats cheese (optional)

Greated parmesan cheese (optional)

Some ground black pepper

A tin of chopped tomatoes

A carton of natural yogurt

A mere tiny pinch of salt (optional)

Some plastic freezer safe food containers (up to 9).

Click on photos to enlarge them please.

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