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Washed and chaffed

Ingredients: 3/4 coffeecupful of washed Dall (available in the rice section in some shops and local supermarkets or grocers even some newsagents) Some potatoes Two long green chillies one vegetable stock cube one optional chicken oxo cube (or total of two vegetable stock cubes) 4 dried anchovies (these weren't as easy to find in some smaller supermarkets but were available in general stores) 6 cloves of garlic one smaller lemon a generous helping of ground black pepper A level tablespoonful of ground thyme one stick of celery one onion one wholemeal pitta bread one tin of Kala chana (Brown chick peas in salted water) one large mushroom a smidgeon of salt (barely / not even a pinch)

Washed and chaffed

Firstly get some water into a saucepan and place on cooker. You can see how much approximately as a celery stick has been used in the photo. It should be enough to cover your potatoes once sliced by at least an inch. Wash and carefully slice your potatoes up to just under a third of an inch thickness and add them carefully to the saucepan. Add the washed dall (cooker should be on a low-medium heat, lower if saucepan does not cover the cooker burner. Crumble and add the stock cubes and the ground pepper and thyme (see photo, thyme is next to onion in photo) My zester snapped when i was doing this so i had to try to compromise, you will see the slithers of lemon skin in the photo. You will want to get as little of the white part of the skin as possible and only of half of the lemon or it could taste bitter without a zester, cut around the whiter bits if necessary but then use a little more than half of the skin if you do. Very carefully take the outer skin from the lemon, chop finely and add. The onion is NOT used in this part, but chop the garlic cloves up into fairly big pieces and the two chillies and add those too.

And remember..... click on photos to display larger photo.

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