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It was day 7 into the new year, i'd lost three quarters of a pound today which is still 12 ounces.

Any ounces matter when dieting and even an ounce is an achievement.

I had found that since i had thought about what i eat and implemented some changes lifestylewise, that when i woke up my tummy felt bloated and i was urinating more obviously. I strongly suspect that the cause was either the vegetables which i had been eating (steamed). though, it could also have been the Green Tea causing that affect too. Flushing out impurities.

I recall a year ago when i consciously attempted to actually stick to a diet. I chose tha egg and grapefruit diet which was not easy but i did develop a forgotten taste and liking for delicious grapefruits again. The only problem i found with the egg and grapefruit diet was that my conscience would not permit me to throw the yolks of boiled eggs away. It did though make me very thankful and thoughtful toward eggs and egg production and chickens/hens. I want you to succeed and i know you can! I do not like wasting food anyway. Respect for food is important. If you cannot respect an egg, how can you ever respect a chicken. Because of other changes having been inmplemented this year and things i had removed from my daily normal diet (the luxury things like normal bread, a bread roll, buttery spread) i did not feel that i was wasting eggyolks by disgarding them. Still thankful i mixed the whiites of the eggs with the potato and added two small chopped tomatoes. Also in my fridge i had a container of a thai sauce additive (less than £2.00) from major supermarkets which gave the meal a nice surprise of an unusual kick. I added literally half a level teaspoonful to the potato/boiled eggwhite mixture and a smidgen of salt. It tasted like there was salad cream/mayo in it but there wasnt and was delicious. I'd left some in the saucepan deliberately and after heated up a pitta bread which i filled with the mixture which totally filled me up. I have also found that a glass of lime cordial can be quite refreshing and takes the edge off in the evenings (30p per bottle from supermarket).

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