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It was only day 9. (Just a few more pages of writing for you to read on this). But i said i believe you can make it!

To say that it wasn't tough would be like those famous last words. It was, But you can get through it! I tried to exersize on day 9 and i must have overdone it. Don't forget to come back even if not immediately and check the daily abs pages in the main menu.

Earlier before commencing with any exersize i had made some green tea. It was still warm in the pot and i had a cup of it. It was quite refreshing (as usual). Some 5 minutes after i was very aware that i was feeling extremely queezy. Not knowing whether i had overdone it on the exersize (so be careful) i tried to sit it out. I then had to walk to my bathroom, mainly hot fluid seemed to follow the contours of my lips as i leaned over the toliet bowl and for maybe a minute. So much hot fluid, i do not know what it was, maybe a pre-emptive vomit. I did vomit and i strongly suspect that it was that the tea had become luke warm (though i still drank it) and have done since too.

It was then i got onto my weighing scales and realised that i had lost 5.5lbs since New Years Day. A while after my thoughts were of 'any resolution', It is fine making headway on this/ these things. It isn't such a big thing really but for some it can be. Maintaining an attempting to find ways or a way of maintaining a standard gained and keeping it up in some kind of strategic way or in as a strategic way as possible is something definitley to consider. Please also remember that dieting and exersize can be dangerous. Please consult with your GP or Parent/Guardian if under 18 and with your health worker if you have one or if being treated under the mental health act by healthcare professionals.

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