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The decision to eat a few carrots and potatoes without something else such as a knob of butter was not an easy one either.

Harping back to the former page/ quitting smoking at a group. The dynamics of an ever changing/ developing group can for some seem a daunting prospect But please, don't knock it until you have tried it.

I did stop smoking for a year and 3 months with the help of the group but i know it is difficult. You can do it. For local help i would recommend a group. Type in your area (in search) and quit smoking groups to find your local group. Eg: Carlisle Quit Smoking group/s. I still do not smoke.

It was said that financewise the humble potato has yielded more than even the price of gold. Thank you potato.

I hadn't yearned for my regular cup of coffee with milk since commencing with the green tea or had any symptoms of coffee withdrawal side-effects. I also for a week or so did not eat any eggs.

I did try to do intermitent exersizes when i could. For example 20 squats when i could. Remember to try not to lose form. And please after reading these pages or at any time remember, there is also now the daily abs pages on this website via the main menu. And please also remember that exersizing can be dangerous too. Exersizing whilst dieting can be dangerous as vcan exersizing using machinery whilst dieting. Seek advice from a Gp or from a parent/guardien if you have any doubts or health concerns. x

Breakfast cereal had after a week or so become almost as norm. It was a difficult process and i almost had to retrain my brain to like cereal. I did after a few weeks and on occasion have some semi skimmed or soya milk with cereal instraed of hot water but not much and initially i found that i wanted to drink less milk still with cereal as days went on. I even considered that with such things as drinking coffee and drinking tea, their countries of origin and whether or what type of positive influences either places of origin may subject thought processes to by using?

You may notice that your libido starts to become more noticeably active.

I always thought i was a very careful eater/foodwise. But now when i look in my fridge i see just how extremely experimental i might have been.

I hope you are managing with your new years resolution and plan. Or that you are considering to.

Reading the information isn't as hard going as the diet intitially/ next page

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