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Not even a couple of weeks into the diet, i had cravings for various foods for breakfast but also personally actually developed more of a taste for cereal. And yes, you may have been partying and are now ready to make some changes yourself?

Yes i was really getting to like the cereal. Extremely crunchy (and i mean that). I wondered what would it be like for those with dentures and such a cereal because the particular cereal certainly seems to require teeth to munch and crunch. I remembered when i was at School seeing a documentary on Eskimos and how they were making clothes out of leather and using leather ties/cors and primarily using their teeth to pull and bind the garments the fabric together. I do not know how true such a remark would stand today or even whether the observation was since suggested as being incorrect but i remember the narrator saying that the eskimos have exceptionally strong teeth. With no disrespect, for those who do wear dentures or those who maybe prefer not to put them in whislt eating. The cereal i was on is even more tasty when the milk or water has soaked into it for a minute or two. (It reminds me a bit of the taste of all bran soaked in milk). Unfortunately though i can be a slight impatient. I know they say " if it's worth it, then it's worth waiting for", maybe i am liking the cereal now ('without' adding sugar).

A combination of manageable small changes which required a slight adjusting to.

Soon on these pages you will get to the food and preparation etc But this day for lunch, yes i wanted some buttered toast but instead i grated two carrots and chopped two tomatoes. For an evening meal i had maybe 4 potatoes, two parsnips, 5 brussell sprouts and the few remaining carrots which were one day over the sell by date (steamed). Much later in the evening i was feeling very hungry so i cut up a medium sized onion and a tomato and had them together. Cereal as with all foods is good! Managing and controlling how and what you eat not excessively. You can do it! All food is a delicacy.

But then i thought, if i had not given up then, what might i be like now?

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