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Programmes featuring obese people and references to pumpkins were no longer affecting me negatively because of the changes i had started to make.

It was day 11. My diet had not changed and yes there were moments when i have felt like a change from what seemed a monotanous struggle. I ate an avocado which is very unusual. I had wondered whether though i am not knowingly eating fats as such, the lack of an oil of some kind on addition of an avocado pear would not do any harm. My weight yesterday and today had remained at the 5.5lbs lost since a few days before. I did not intend to become dispondent and worry about it rather still i thought that at times such as those it is even more important NOT to give up. Ten days before i'd bought a packet of white fish portions, (i got 50p off with my superstore loyaltycard so they were £1.50p for maybe 5 peices). I cooked as an evening meal brussell sprouts and potatoes (steamed). I sliced the potatoes to maybe a third of an inch and as i had some scotch bonnet chillies (yes they were going over too) in my fridge, i removed the seeds from the scotch bonnet chillies and laid the whole chillies open on top of the fish and that on top of the potatoes in the steamer for 35 minutes).

Please do not allow children to handle scotch bonnet chillies unattended /without gloves.

Scotch bonnet chillies are one of the hottest chillies around, so please in using , be extremely carefiul. I would advise wearing gloves. Do not touch pets or put fingers in mouth or if you are male go for a pee after using scotch bonnet chillies WITHOUT WASHING YOUR HANDS FIRST, i would even suggest using a scouring pad on your fingers if you have touched them without gloves.

Try to stay on track with your regime!

I'd had 3 eggs which had just gone past their sell by date in my fridge and a half bag of rocket salad which was just about to go over . I removed the yolks from the eggs and mixed the eggwhites with the rocket and put it in a microwave for 50 seconds. It was great. Apparently an eggwhite is 11 calories instead of maybe 50 with the yolk. Try spinach too instead of rocket salad.

Pears are reputed to be excellent at assisting the digestive system. Sweet potatoes (3) i hadn't tried them yet but you will note on some of the recipe poages that i did get round to it. Delicious too! All of the recipes are oil free.

The meal with the peice of fish (chillies removed prior to eating) and sliced potatoes and brussell sprouts was delicious But when i went back into my kitchen i forgot to switch the light on and thought i'd seen a bit of a brussell sprout lingering in the steamer so yes could even i resist? I forgot that i had added green scotch bonnet chillies also? Be careful with chillies!

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