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Regarding this strategy, i had lost 2 stone and 5 pounds which seemed to fluctuate between 2 stone 5 and 2 stone 2.

There is an almost quiet apprehension with me at this time to proceed. I am feeling good but i think it is so important to carefully monitor where you are with any kind of diet, to take it slowly at times and reflect and seriously think about how your body may be possibly changing and of how further weightloss could affect how you look and any possible consequences of such a change.

Be 100% sure that it is where you want to be.

If under 18 please seek parental or guardian advice or medical assistance and certainly advice before continuing with or choosing to diet.

There is also a part of me which says 'well ok if i am careful then eventually even if very slowly i will lose those few extra pounds anyway'?

Sometimes though there can be that as yes food preferences have certainly changed, i do sometimes have a little snackette but it remains at that. I am certainly more conscious now of what i eat. I do enjoy food immensely and all types so i shall and do still want to eventually look into re-discovering some of the foodgroups i once enjoyed but carefully as i think it is important and depending on individual confidence levels.

It shouldn't be about cutting out certain foodgroups forever unless your tastes change but there is so much choice habits change.

A break from some of them can help you to adjust and lose some weight. Know where you are most comfortable and either stick to a plan or return to it.

I do feel that my energy levels have been affected and that often whilst i supposedly look better i have often felt somewhat tired or it may be that as i have said throughout this weightloss strategy, dieting or weightloss is not always so easy, at least this strategy is not so easy all of the time.

There are many great dieting products and companies with strategies i do know that. When i see some of the products it has been encouraging because i have felt that whilst i haven't wanted to use their products, somehow our aims are maybe very similar and i admire that immensely.

Results can be attained and or achieved. If you are serious about wanting to lose weight. Think of the factors which concern you and choose a diet package which suits you.

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