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Something soyabean

I'd seen some deliciously vibrant looking colourwise 'soya beans' and wondered how could i use them. Delicious! Pasta, some garlic powder, frozen soya beans, frozen peppers, one vegetable stock cube. One teaspoonful of Lee Kum Kee chilli and garlic paste. One piece of frozen fish (optional). When ingredients are cooking, add the smallest drip of vegetable cooking oil you can possibly add. I didn't use cod for maybe 12 years when stocks were low. The fish used in this is a frozen cod portion which i still actually rarely use even now. Add ground black pepper whilst cooking and a very tiny amount of salt. Wash the pasta first before cooking because the soup with a crusty roll and even a beer or a glass of wine. Or coffee after. Mmmmmmmmmm or tea. You are supposed to drain pasta when cooked so please don't use too much of the soup left if you don't drain it because it has starch in it. If you ARE NOT wanting to lose weight, it will be ok but don't go mad on it. Use moderation. You might like to try adding some fresh or ground ginger. If ground ginger add later into cooking process. But after first bowl drain it. Dont let the pasta sit in it. There was maybe a tablespoonful of the liquid in this bowl after the pasta was eaten. Drain it! It's easy to think 'oh it's a fishy tasting stock'. You wouldn't normally put pasta in certainly not as a major component if making a fish stock. Not yet anyway. But a fish stock (bought) can be nice with pasta.



References to alcohol are for illustrative purposes ONLY and are SOLELY intended for those 'OF LEGAL AGE limit' who may or may not choose to consume alcolol.

If alcohol is permitted in your country.

Soya beans if you haven't tried them are so very worth trying!

To some i hope, the planet is beautiful in spite of odd problems but some aren't actually problems, they only need some understanding.

Yes and sometimes it feels tough but it might not be the thing you see as a problem causing distress.

Be careful if apportioning blame.

Like a bad nightmare i had, think carefully, reverse it!

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