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Yes, it was the 3rd of January 2013?

I did stick to this strategy and did lose 2stone and 5lbs during the first 81 days. So far i have kept the weight off and my habits have changed i think/i hope in a good way.

Your new year resolution, what is it? You can achieve your goals and targets.

arned over christmas that i had put 6lbs on without trying.

I then decided that i would get back to a weight i was happy with as a new years resolution. But more than 2 stone?

In order to lose some weight/ things i started with.

Have you ever tried putting a spread on a piece of bread and then scraping with the knife after to see how much you may have over-indulged when buttering or putting spread on that bread? It may only be a little but but it mounts up i am sure. How much in a week? Those spreads can often be frozen so i decided then to put half a tub of the usual amount weekly in the freezer.

I had already bought some white bread before Christmas. It is said that some nutrients in bread are lost if bread is frozen (at least that's what i had heard). I did cut down on bread and switch to wholegrain and eventually rye bread instead of white'. A smaller loaf eventually helped too. I now eat far less than before with white bread being a rare treat now.

I never used to have breakfast cereal anyway. But (some months ago) i'd had a packet of high in fibre, crunchy wheat an malted barley cereal in my kitchen cupboard. It was way past the sell by date but i was so hungry. The cereal isn't a chewy cereal (more of a munch type) but believe me it was crunchy and tough going, even moreso if not accustomed to breakfast cereals. I continued to purchase cereal since then. It was difficult to adjust. But after the first two mouthfull it isn't so bad, actually nicer than i imagined. It is more filling than the two slices of toast with butter with maybe an egg on top which i would usually have and maybe some ketchup. Now though but it was a year later i have reverted or moved to a bran cereal and sometimes plain porrige made with water.

For a while i switched from drinking coffee with milk to drinking green tea. Apparently there is a component in green tea which helps to eliminate the bodies reaction to some other food stuffs which leads a body 'sub-consciously' to believe it is in starvation mode and could thus possibly cause fat retention.

I also attempted and i say attempted to commence the new year with some exersizes.

I also deliberately had myself doing things which were exhausting physically for me. I jumped on the scales in the evening and had put on another 1lb. If that happens to you, do not be dispondent and let's not fail in our attempts. Try not to put yourself into stressful situations. Whatever your resolution, take a deep breath and attempt to achieve and maintain a calm demeanour.

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